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Why Intelligent Design Heating & Cooling is the Best Furnace Repair Company in Meridian

We take pride in being the best furnace repair company serving Meridian & the surrounding areas at Intelligent Design Heating & Cooling. Our dedication to excellence, coupled with our expertise in heating systems, make us the number-one choice for all of your furnace repair needs. Our team of skilled technicians, with years of experience in the field, have the knowledge and tools necessary to diagnose and rectify any issue your furnace may be having with speed and efficiency.
Our commitment to customer satisfaction sets us apart from the competition. When you reach out to us, you’ll receive our friendly, professional touch. We recognize the hassle of a broken furnace, so we prioritize quick and dependable support to bring your system back online as soon as possible. Our transparent pricing and open conversation guarantee that you know what to anticipate at each stage of the process, with no unwelcome shocks.
At Intelligent Design Heating & Cooling, we are firm believers in setting ourselves apart by giving customers better than their money’s worth. Our employees naturally want to perform a task as well as they can, whether that task is an air conditioner repair or a complete commercial refrigeration installation. We have the training and experience to do these jobs right in all cases – the thing that separates our heating and cooling company from the others is that we can install the air conditioner, build the ductwork, install the electricity for that unit, and also build the building to put it in. 
Furnace Repair Meridian
Furnace Repair Meridian

Our Approach to Furnace Repair in Meridian

When it comes to heater repair in Meridian, Intelligent Design Heating & Cooling brings a dedication to professionalism and customer satisfaction to the job. We recognize that every heating system is different, and we adapt our approach to answer your specific requirements. From your initial phone conversation onward, we provide personalized attention and strategies meant to restore your furnace to peak condition.
To initiate the process of restoration, the primary action would be the inspection of your furnace system. Our craftsmen are specialists in this field who have the abilities required to diagnose the problem with pinpoint accuracy–thus eliminating the root of the problem, instead of merely addressing the symptoms. With the assistance of our diagnostic equipment and the knowledge and know-how our technicians possess, you can rest easy that any and every hidden problem in your furnace will be located and treated before it gets worse.
After we figure out what’s wrong, we’ll have an open, honest discussion with you. We’ll clearly explain what we found inside your heater, and what it will take to fix it. We don’t believe in keeping information to ourselves: we believe in sharing knowledge and empowering homeowners to make great decisions about their home heating systems. Whether it’s a relatively small problem or a huge renovation, we’ll put in the same dedicated work to bring your heater back to life. We don’t think you’ll find a higher level of service elsewhere. We encourage you to reach out today to schedule furnace services in Lombard with the friendly professionals on our team.
Intelligent Design Heating & Cooling is not just another furnace repair company. We are committed to going above and beyond your expectations. Our commitment to quality craftsmanship, clear communication, and personal service sets us apart as the absolute best choice for furnace repair in Meridian. When you choose us, you can feel confident that your heating system is in the best possible hands. Your comfort is our highest priority. 

What Kind of Furnace Repair Do I Need in Meridian?

Navigating furnace repair needs in Meridian can be a daunting task. Intelligent Design Heating & Cooling understands that, and offers a streamlined path to determine the type of repair your furnace requires. With our expertise and experience, we’ll inspect your system with in-depth attention to detail and find the root of the problem, and then you can decide on the most appropriate solution for your furnace.
No matter if your furnace has minor issues like strange noises or major problems like breaking down completely, our team can help. We specialize in many different furnace repairs, from just routine maintenance to more complex repairs, so your furnace always works well and is dependable for you, all year long!
We put transparency and integrity at the forefront of our approach to furnace repair at Intelligent Design Heating & Cooling. We’ll take the time to walk you through the nature of the required repair, as well as the options available, ensuring you’re empowered to make educated decisions about your heating system. With our commitment to quality service and customer satisfaction, you can count on us to deliver the furnace repair solutions you need in Meridian. 
Furnace Repair Meridian

Benefits of Using Intelligent Design Heating & Cooling for Furnace Repair in Meridian

Frequently Asked Questions About Furnace Repair in Meridian

Listen for strange noises, inconsistent temperature control, constant looping, or a sudden increase in your utility bill. If any of these warnings start occurring, it is suggested that you call a professional and ask them to do a full examination.

First, verify that your thermostat is set to the correct temperature. If that doesn't help, inspect your circuit breaker to see if your furnace has tripped. If none of this works, call a professional to find out what is wrong with your heating system and resolve the problem.

A regular furnace tune-up, experts suggest, should be scheduled every year to ensure your system is running at peak efficiency and to identify any potential problems or breakdowns when it’s bitterly cold outside and you need heat. Furthermore, a check-up will help your furnace live a long and productive life.

Homeowners are able to do some small maintenance tasks to their furnace such as changing filters, but most repairs require a professional. Attempting DIY repairs, could endanger your safety and cancel out your warranty.

When it comes to furnace repairs, the length of time can vary. It depends on what’s wrong with the furnace. Some repairs can take just a few hours. Others can take three or four days. For example, replacing a thermostat should take only a few hours. But replacing a heat exchanger will take longer.

There are many factors that go into determining the cost of a furnace repair in any given case. The obvious ones are the extent of the damage, the type of furnace, the need for replacement parts, and most importantly the contractor’s hourly rate. To get the most accurate estimate of what it will cost to have the furnace repaired, solicit at least three quotes from three different HVAC professionals in your local area.

Determining whether to repair or replace a furnace is dependent on several factors. How old is the furnace? How bad is the damage? How do the repair costs compare to the price of a new unit? You should consult a professional heating repair specialist to find out.

Replacing filters, having vents cleaned, and calling for professional inspections on a regular basis can lengthen the life of your furnace. Don’t overwork it, and keep the furnace area clean.

If you have ongoing problems, if your system is dreadfully energy inefficient, if you still own an old clunker furnace, then it probably is time to replace rather than repair over and over.

Yes, at Intelligent Design Heating & Cooling, we provide emergency heating system repair services in Meridian, Idaho. Our expert workforce is accessible twenty-four hours a day to tackle emergency heating crises and re-establish ease in your house.

Though there were some technical challenges, IDMS worked through each one with professionalism and courtesy. As a result, our home is cool even on the hottest of days. Thanks IDMS!

Jeffrey Winn


Making the appointment for the installation of a whole house fan was very easy. Great customer service. The HVAC technicians, Fillbet and Clay did some impressive work, awesome job! 

NAC Hyde

I had a mini split added to a mother-in-law apartment. The techs showed up on time of scheduled appointment. They listened to my concerns and took my input about what I wanted to do with hiding lines, where….

Royden Davis

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