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Why Intelligent Design Heating & Cooling is the Best Geothermal Services Company in Nampa

Being recognized as the number one Geothermal Services provider in Nampa is the product of many years of hard work and dedication by the Intelligent Design Heating & Cooling team. Our passion for excellence and personalized service is what spurred the company to become the top Geothermal Installer. Recruiting and retaining the top talent in the geothermal industry has allowed us to develop a staff that can handle anything we throw their way. Because of this, we now have many applications for Geothermal Systems that help keep Nampa green.
We live up to a standard of excellence in everything we do. Our commitment to the environment and to employing the earth’s own sustainable energy goes hand in hand with our goal to deliver heating and cooling systems that are more efficient, more affordable, and more comfortable. From the moment of installation, through maintenance and service calls, and even to replace a system — we’re determined to exceed customer expectations at every turn, as our skilled professionals provide the highest quality of workmanship and attention to detail in the industry.
Intelligent Design Heating & Cooling is a company, but more than that, we are a partner in helping you find a sustainable energy solution. We combine our geothermal expertise with the very best in-home and commercial geothermal products and services to make us your top choice for Nampa geothermal heating and cooling needs. We can show you the science behind geothermal heating and cooling and why it is superior to any other heating and cooling solution available.
Geothermal Services Nampa
Geothermal Services Nampa

Our Approach to Geothermal Services in Nampa

In Nampa, geothermal services are best realized when you call us at Intelligent Design Heating & Cooling. Our three-pronged approach of expertise, innovative technology, and a total dedication to sustainability means our geothermal products and services can’t be beat! Every home and every business is distinct. Precisely why at Intelligent Design, we don’t offer you cookie-cutter techniques. Genesis and Trane have three decades of experience in the business, therefore we understand what works excellently and what doesn’t.
Every geothermal venture at Intelligent Design Heating & Cooling forever begins with a detailed examination of your property. And our know-how makes that inspection as unobtrusive and helpful as possible. Then, with that insight, we design the most energy-efficient and effective geothermal heating and cooling system available anywhere. We also take our time to explain to you everything the project entails. There are no “big brands” for us. We’re independent and objective. And that means we supply only the systems best suited to your needs. This means you’ll find, among other things, the finest geothermal heat pumps available.
Once the evaluation is underway, you can expect our experienced technicians to complete your geothermal installation—with an eye to an accurate and correct implementation that you can relax with. We’ll pay attention to a quality check of our work and answer any operating questions you have when we’re in place with the process. 
And this isn’t just a pledge meant to achieve your geothermal heating and cooling service. Intelligent Design Heating & Cooling notches the industry’s top in geothermal installations. This means when it comes to anything geothermal, no holds are barred. We sell, service, maintain, and repair any make or model of geothermal heating and cooling systems, the product of any manufacturer. We sell and install geothermal units too! 

What Kind of Geothermal Services Do I Need in Nampa?

When determining which geothermal services you need in Nampa, look no further than Intelligent Design Heating & Cooling. It begins with analyzing your property and examining what is required to heat and cool it. We do it all, from fitting new geothermal systems, upgrading existing ones, or managing the maintenance and repair of systems
Every stage of your geothermal project is handled by us, so you get quality custom-made products, and professional installers at competitive prices throughout. Our installation team begins with the design of your system. They stay on schedule through installation. And our post-installation service shows the results – and we make sure you’re happy with everything! If you need geothermal, contact us. We’ll give you beautiful comfort on time and budget, and we’ll provide service – after the installation
We are here to get you the benefits of geothermal energy, for efficient, budget-friendly heating and cooling, regardless of the size or scope of your installation. Contact us today, and understand how our complete geothermal services in Nampa can get you much more comfortable, and save you money!
Geothermal Services Nampa

Benefits of Using Intelligent Design Heating & Cooling for Geothermal Services in Nampa

Frequently Asked Questions About Geothermal Services in Nampa

Geothermal heating and cooling systems utilize the constant temperature of the earth below ground to regulate the indoor climate. They transfer heat to and from the ground, offering exceptional heating in the winter months and cooling in the summer months.

Geothermal systems deliver a mixture of water and antifreeze through pipes, or loops, in the ground where it can absorb or disseminate heat. A heat pump harnesses this heat source or heat sink to regulate indoor temperatures.

Some of the many benefits that come with a Geothermal system are high efficiency and long-lasting. In addition, homeowners will see a decrease in their utility bills and will be shown a constant temperature throughout the house.

Sure, they are. They are sustainable due to the fact that, geothermal systems get their power from heating from the Earth, produce less greenhouses gases, and have a much smaller carbon footprint, compared to the old-school HVAC.

The durability and longevity of geothermal systems are attributes that have long been recognized. Carefully maintained units can last 20 to 25 years. The underground loops can last much longer—50 years or more.

Installation typically involves drilling or trenching for the earth loops, installing the heat pump and indoor unit(s), and connecting the system to the ductwork or radiant heat system.

The rebates and incentives of geothermal systems may vary by location and energy provider, and it’s best for home and business owners throughout Boise to check with their local agency, officials, or energy organization powers to get the geothermal installation incentives and financing options for their area.

Like any heating and cooling system, regular maintenance helps your ground source heat pump systems work more effectively and last longer. Some maintenance tasks you can do yourself, like checking and cleaning filters. Others, like checking the refrigerant level, require a trained technician. Arrange a yearly professional tune-up with a contractor.

Geothermal power can be used in a range of real estate including houses, businesses, and industries. Some of the things that make a difference are: how big the real estate is, the sort of soil, and how much money you have set aside for putting them in.

Sure, it is possible. However, whether it's practical and feasible depends on site conditions and the specifics of your existing heating (ductwork, radiators, and etc.) system. Only a visit from a reputable geothermal heat pump installer will tell you for certain.

Though there were some technical challenges, IDMS worked through each one with professionalism and courtesy. As a result, our home is cool even on the hottest of days. Thanks IDMS!

Jeffrey Winn


Making the appointment for the installation of a whole house fan was very easy. Great customer service. The HVAC technicians, Fillbet and Clay did some impressive work, awesome job! 

NAC Hyde

I had a mini split added to a mother-in-law apartment. The techs showed up on time of scheduled appointment. They listened to my concerns and took my input about what I wanted to do with hiding lines, where….

Royden Davis

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