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Why Intelligent Design Heating & Cooling is the Best Plumbing Company in Meridian

We’re proud to be recognized as the #1 plumber Meridian, Idaho has to offer. We have many years of experience servicing Meridian. We take pride in being your trusted professional for ALL plumbing needs. We set ourselves apart from the competition with our commitment to excellence, and our dedication to customer satisfaction.
It’s our quality team of knowledgeable professionals that sets us apart. Equipped with the most advanced techniques and equipment, and trained to use them correctly, our team attacks each plumbing problem with a vengeance. Executing plumbing projects with finesse and precision, and using the best quality equipment and materials available, our technicians handle every call-out large or small effortlessly. We not only want to take care of the pipes that are leaking now; we want to prevent any further leaks from reoccurring in the future.
Intelligent Design Heating & Cooling stresses transparency and honesty in everything we do. We endorse open communication, reasonable costs, and reliable craftsmanship. Whenever you hire us as your Meridian plumber, you can consider it the only option. Come learn exactly why we are powerful for all your Meridian plumbing needs.
Plumbing Meridian
Plumbing Meridian

Our Approach to Plumbing in Meridian

From the moment you contact Intelligent Design Plumbing by calling our office in Meridian; you will discover that we are devoted to excellence and ensuring your satisfaction with your plumbing requirements. We realize that every plumbing job is different, and that is why we want to provide you with an individualized plumbing solution. As soon as you make contact with us, we will start evaluating your needs and we will come to a solution together.
To us, it is crucial to keep up with the most up-to-date progressions in the world of plumbing techniques and technology. That is why we teach and relentlessly instruct our servicing professionals on the most modern, efficient, and foremost techniques for addressing a variety of plumbing needs without breaking the bank. Without restricting the topics that we can help with, from small faucet leaks right through to complete plumbing renovations, there is nobody better equipped to do the job right, the first time.
At Intelligent Design Heating & Cooling, we believe in an open line of communication from start to finish. We want you to understand what is happening with your plumbing repairs or installation. With our upfront pricing, not to exceed estimates, and step-by-step explanations, you will know every step of the way. We believe the more information you the better decisions you will make regarding your comfort and safety. We believe you have the right to know all of the facts. This is why we take the time to answer all your questions.
In Meridian, if you need plumbing services, you expect to work with a team committed to delivering the best service. Learn how our plumbing process separates us from the competition and why people in Meridian continue to select us for residential and commercial jobs.

What Kind of Plumbing Do I Need in Meridian?

When it comes to locating the ideal plumbing services in Meridian for your particular needs, it is critical. Intelligent Design Heating & Cooling recognizes that the Meridian community has its own set of needs, and we offer a diverse selection of plumbing services to fulfill them. Minor leaks, routine maintenance, and total plumbing system overhauls are no problem for our seasoned specialists, who can handle anything with skill and accuracy.
Our all-inclusive plumbing solutions serve various requirements throughout Meridian, from residential properties to commercial establishments. We can help you fix your water heater, install new fixtures, or take care of sewer line repairs. We care about being efficient, trustworthy, and customer-friendly. We work to bring you more than you expect and save you money by making sure your plumbing systems work trouble-free for years to come.
When it comes to plumbing, don’t settle for anything less than exceptional service and reliable solutions. Choose Intelligent Design Heating & Cooling for all your plumbing needs in Meridian. Talk to our team today to learn how we can help you and see why so many homeowners and businesses have chosen us to be their plumbers. 
Plumbing Meridian

Benefits of Using Intelligent Design Heating & Cooling for Plumbing in Meridian

Frequently Asked Questions About Plumbing in Meridian

Plumbing care is essential in order to sustain the functionality of your plumbing system for many years to come and to help you avoid problems. Typically, we recommend that our clients schedule annual inspections. During these inspections, we will be able to locate leaks, rots, or other troubles.

If you stumble upon a plumbing disaster at a time when business hours are over, worry not. Contact our emergency plumbing hotline and our team will dispatch a plumber to fix your problem ASAP. We are open all day every day.

There are several things that may indicate a water heater that needs a new water heater; usually a product is designed to last 8-12 years, discoloration of the water as it comes out rusty, also if you are hearing rumbling or banging sounds or suddenly getting hot and cold bursts of water while you are in the shower. If you see any of these signs, you should call in a professional such as a plumber.

Insulate your exposed pipes so they don't freeze. Leave your cabinet doors open so warm air can get to the pipes. If it gets real cold, let faucets drip just a trickle. If you think your pipes are frozen, call a plumber right away. Fixing a busted pipe can be expensive.

Some choices are lowered-flow fixtures, low-flow toilets, and on-demand water heaters. These ways will reduce your water and energy usage which will save you money on your bills, and help your global footprint.

Regularly swapping filters on your water purifying system, putting into action water quality tests to assess on your own, and going all the way with a whole-house water filtration system will keep your water quality in and around the antique city of Meridian.

When the bills of your water goes up suddenly, it’s most likely because you’ve got some sort of hidden leak or similar plumbing problem in your house. Then you need to call a plumber so he can come in and do a complete inspection. Then he’ll know what’s causing the problem.

If you have basement flooding problems during even moderate rains, or are in the habit of sprinting for a mop and bucket every spring, maybe it's time to relax and install a sump pump. A plumber will decide what you need and how to install it.

Absolutely! Our crew is available to guide you in finding plumbing fixtures of exceptional quality that correspond to your taste, budget, and practical requirements, and to guarantee their proper installation so they function precisely as intended.

Sudden plumbing emergencies and improvements can be an unwelcome surprise. That’s why we have adaptable financing solutions to make our services even more accessible for homeowners in the Meridian area.

Though there were some technical challenges, IDMS worked through each one with professionalism and courtesy. As a result, our home is cool even on the hottest of days. Thanks IDMS!

Jeffrey Winn


Making the appointment for the installation of a whole house fan was very easy. Great customer service. The HVAC technicians, Fillbet and Clay did some impressive work, awesome job! 

NAC Hyde

I had a mini split added to a mother-in-law apartment. The techs showed up on time of scheduled appointment. They listened to my concerns and took my input about what I wanted to do with hiding lines, where….

Royden Davis

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